Wind turbines as inspiration for ships

The principle of a wind turbine and that of a ship’s propeller don’t differ all that much. In both cases, an optimal efficiency needs to be extracted from a number of rotating blades. Yet there is surprisingly little synergy between the two areas. That was […]

A small volume of liquid is a big deal

Their offices at the Dept. of Precision and Microsystems Engineering are located only a few metres from each other, yet Dr. Murali Ghatkesar and Dr. Hassan HosseinNia work in vastly different areas of mechanical engineering. Ghatkesar is an expert in micro/nano-engineering, building for example innovative […]

Hybrid micro/nano architectures: the best of two worlds

Over the past decades, scientists have uncovered that by making systems so small that the dimensions approach those of single molecules or atoms, exciting new functionalities and possibilities emerge that larger systems cannot offer. The scale where this happens is the scale of the nanometer […]

Diamonds are an engineer’s best friend

Diamond is not just a natural mineral famous for its beauty and cost; it is also a highly useful crystalline form of carbon that can be grown in a synthetic fashion. The list of properties that make diamond an attractive engineering material seems endless: extreme […]