Science communication examples


“Supercomputing power for racing cars and quantum states”

“Without materials science, it would be darn empty around us.”

“Mixing the immiscible”

“‘Elderly’ first Dutch nanosatellite celebrates fifteenth birthday”

“A new generation of links between the Global South and Delft”

“Going deeper into the next generation of implants, with three disciplines at once”

“An unconventional tube that could save lives”

“Wind turbines as inspiration for ships”

News items

“Creating life from lifeless molecules using AI and lab evolution”

“From flocs to granules: new opportunities for wastewater treatment”

“Disorder improves battery life”

“New connections enable long-distance quantum networks”

“3-in-1 microscope shows researchers the way to proteins”

“Shining light on densely interwoven nerve fibres inside the brain”

“TU Delft en Tag Heuer bouwen frequentievermenigvuldiger uit één stuk”